Please see below for prices for all of our beauty salon treatments, including nail manicures and pedicures, massages, body waxing, eye care and eyelash extensions, facial treatments and makeup sessions.

Nails & Manicures

The Gel Bottle – gel polish
File & polish – £20.00
Shellac removal – £5.00
File & polish (nail varnish) – £10.00

Shaping of nails, cuticles are tidied, followed by a moisturiser and polish – £15.00

Luxury manicure
Standard manicure with a massage and mask included – £20.00

Removal of hard skin, cuticles are tidied, nails are shaped, moisturiser applied, finished with a polish – £20.00

Luxury pedicure
Standard pedicure with a massage and mask included – £25.00

** nail art / glitter 50p per nail **


Full leg – £18.00
3/4 leg (ankle to thigh) – £15.00
Half leg – £12.00
Underarm – £6.50
Bikini line – £10.00
Brow – £6.50
Lip – £4.50
Brow and lip – £10.00

Eye Care

Eyelash tint – £10.00
Eyebrow tint – £4.50
Eyelash & eyebrow tint – £12.50
Cluster eyelashes- a temporary way of getting fuller lashes-  £15.00
Individual eyelash extensions (lasting up to 3 months with regular infills) – £50.00
Infills – £25.00

Eyelash Lift (includes a lash tint) lasts 6-8weeks – £35.00

Microblading eyebrows – Semi permanent makeup – £200 for the initial treatment and for the first top up 4-6 weeks later

** Patch test required minimum 24 hours prior to treatments **


Choose from three facials that cover all skin types.

  • hydrating
  • rebalancing
  • calming

We use products made from naturally derived ingredients to achieve great results.

Standard facial – 25 minutes (includes scalp massage) – £20.00
Luxury facial – 55 minutes (includes face, shoulder and scalp massage) – £35.00

Microdermabrasion– Skinbase machine runs for 20minutes

Standard- £35.00

Luxury ( includes face mask) – £45.00

Dermaplaning– A facial done using a scalpel to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) leaving the skin with a beautiful glow

Standard- £35.00

Luxury (includes face mask) – £45.00


Trial – £25.00
Bride – £45.00
Special occasion – £35.00
Add strip false lashes – £5.00

Bridal packages are available and are tailored to your every need. For occasions at a venue, additional cost will be added to cover travel expenses.


Swedish massage – Pressure is adapted to your needs and areas of concern
Back (25 minutes) – £20.00
Full body (55 minutes) – £40.00

Aromatherapy massage – A light pressured massage using essential oils advised at consultation
Back (25 minutes) – £20.00
Full body (55 minutes) – £40.00

Indian head massage – A relaxing pressure point massage to calm and ease tension
40 minutes – £30.00

Reflexology – A deeply relaxing therapy using the feet to treat the whole body
55 minutes – £35.00

Shrinking Violet Inch Loss wraps

A body wrap slimming system designed to promote a slimmer leaner silhouette.
Instant inch loss results, perfect for a special occasion or to kick start a detox
1 wrap – £50.00

Hollywood Bust Lift & Brazilian Butt Lift

This is a non surgical, pain free enhancement treatment. The treatment is completely non-invasive and works with the bodies immune system to eliminate toxins and drain though the lymph system to eliminate toxins. The procedure uses four systems that work together to give a fantastic result.

Whilst you relax on the couch, cups are attached to the bust or buttocks for 30minutes. The treatment is very relaxing and the only discomfort you may feel is the vacuum suction on application and will be adjusted to your comfort level.

One treatment will give results lasting 7-12days

A course of 6 – 12 treatments will give permanent results when maintained with a monthly appointment

One Treatment – £55.00

Please enquire for course options