Eye care and beauty

Eyelash Lift

A treatment that lifts the natural lashes and makes them appear fuller and longer. Lasting 6-8weeks this is perfect for going away on holidays or just for every day. This also includes an eyelash tint to give the effect of wearing mascara .

For 24hours after your appointment you need to avoid makeup and getting your lashes wet.

Microblading eyebrows – Semi permanent makeup

Microblading is semi permanent tattoo for eyebrows, lasting 12-18months.
It is done using a very small blade that creates the effect of fine hair strokes. Perfect for anyone with sparse or very little brows, for people that applies makeup daily and that wishes for a fuller look.

Eyebrow MicrobladingThe initial appointment – Please allow up to two hours.

We will map your face to create your perfect brow shape, and choose a colour that suits you best.

A patch test is required at least 24hours prior to treatment.

I am fully certified, insured and licensed to carry out this procedure